Pilates Workshop

Hosted at the beautiful Bryansford Cottage, guests were greeted by the lovely Mary and Jay handing out juice shots of ginger and apple. After being fired up from the juice we started of the first part of the workshop, a full body Pilates class focusing on breathe, the spine and the core.

After a welcome break with tea/coffee and an amazing fresh fruit platter created by Mary, the participants took part in a practical talk about Breathing. We explored the relationship between breathing and our pelvic floor, core muscles but also our mind.

We finished off the day with a full stretching flow, Izzy also took the participant through a relaxing mindfulness session, leaving everybody floating back home.

Everyone left the workshop feeling relaxed, educated and with their very own Pilates circle.

Pilates workshop

Here is what they had to say:

“Very friendly and relaxed hosts and environment... great workout... very informative talk but not too long...nice relaxation.... great snacks... beautiful peaceful venue... nice to get a gift to take home.” Donna.

”Very educational and fun class. Would highly recommend it.” Ann Marie.

”It was brilliant.” Rachel.

”I thoroughly enjoyed it.” Christina

Thanks to everyone for coming down to the workshop and special mention to Mary and Jay for being such wonderful hosts. You can find out more about Bryansford Cottage HERE.